Privacy clauses on the internet sites and general clauses
HIŠA IDEJ Inovativna skupina, d. o. o.:

  • Respects the privacy of every individual, that visits our web sites or sites managed by our company;
  • All information, photographs, graphics and texts on our internet sites are copyrighted, any kind of copying and duplicating or use in any kind is not allowed.

HIŠA IDEJ Inovativna skupina, d. o. o.:  

  • Will not collect personal information on their internet sites. Information that enable personal identification of individuals (for example: name and surname, home address, telephone number, email address) will not be shared, unless it is transmitted voluntarily.
  • As far as you do not want us to have access to your personal data, do not transmit any to us!
  • If you do decide to transfer your personal data, we will use it in following purposes (unless stated otherwise): we can save and use your personal data, in order to have a better understanding of your needs, so that we can fulfill them with our services.
  • HIŠA IDEJ or any other legal person that works on our behalf for promotional and advertising purposes can use the data for reestablishing a connection with you. All aggregate information (not individual) about the visitors and/or users of our web sites can be transmitted to a third person. 
  • Your personal information will not be distributed or traded with a third person.

Parents must be aware that usage of personal data will be based on the privacy clauses. Information, which children or others share voluntarily in chat rooms, emails, forums etc., can be used by the third person for distributing unwanted email messages. The site you are currently visiting is one of the web sites designed for common public. Certain web sites will occasionally be protected by special privacy clauses and not with general clauses that contain special clauses concerning the children and the privacy.
In some cases we can automatically collect technical information about your visit to our web pages (without the registration process), but we can not use them for personal identification.
Examples of such data collecting are web browser identification that you are using, computer operating system identification that you are using, and web page address that connected you to our web site.

When you go to any of our web sites, we can save several information in your computer that are archived in the shape of “cookies” or any other similar files that help us in many different ways. “Cookies” enable us to adjust our web sites to your wishes and preferences.  Most web browsers enable deleting “cookies” from your hard disk. They can prevent saving such files or warn you before they are saved. For exact instructions for using these functions, read your web browser manual.

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