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Hiša idej is one of the leading Slovenian companies specializing in event creation and management, radio and television production, and realisation of communicational projects.

In cooperation with strategic partners from around the Europe and reliable partners in the domestic sphere, the most complex and demanding projects present a mere challenge to us.

Our competence, reliability, and effectiveness are substantiated by the confidence of our numerous clients. Mediocrity is just not enough for us.


Hiša Idej

Our mission is achieving excellent results through innovative approach to solutions.

Our mission is strengthening our leading position and image, trust and influence.

Our mission is finding pleasure in our work.

Business is people.
The leader of Hiša idej created his business vision in his early days. He gained his experience working for the national radio television as a reporter and an announcer, and continued his career by becoming the youngest editor at the Deutsche Welle in Germany, one of the biggest media company in the world. Uroš Mlakar is one of the youngest journalists ever reporting for the peak news on the national TV station. When being merely 16, he coincidentally found himself on a scene of a severe accident as he was working on a story for a teen programme. He was discovering European horizons for the next three years during which he was working with several independent TV producers, with German public national radio-television ARD, and as a correspondent for the daily newspaper.
Hiša Idej
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About us | Reference | Benefits | Careers | Contact | Privacy Policy